Time to Learn Again

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In my previous career I was a systems engineer for a local managed services provider for the New York and New England area. I was on a path to becoming proficient in VMware and learning all about virtualization and server management. I loved it. I knew this is what I wanted to do at the time in my career. But like many, that path isn’t always fulfilled and fast forward about 10 years…

Giving back all my work equipment in 2016

I hit major burn out. I didn’t know what it was called back then, but I had a massive headache on the right side of my head that put me out of work for a full week. No doctors could tell me what it was. I had to take 800mg of Advil for 7 days straight for it to finally subside. I also had to take off 4-5 days of work to stay home (yet still work and answer my phone because I was a tech manager/point of contact and knew too much about certain clients. As I went back to work I realized I had to change and move on. I had then decided to go to a coding bootcamp to learn current web development skills and tech. I put in my resignation a month later – December 30, 2016.

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After the web dev bootcamp in 2017 I went on a few interviews but didn’t land a job as a dev. I decided to take a job as a digital associate for a media company, which let me flex my dev skills a little bit since my co-worker and I built a nifty dashboard for our editorial staff. It was awesome and I was glad to make a useful tool for my company.

Here I am 3 years later, I went up the ladder and am now a senior digital support manager, but it’s not satisfying. We’ve been in a pandemic so I’ve been grateful for a job (a remote one at that), but I’ve been quite numb to doing anything or learning anything to move forward to change jobs again.

Until last month. Something clicked in me when I was video chatting to one of my best friends Tiffany and the epiphany came. I stared off and said yeah, I’m ready to learn again…I’m ready to try DevOps like I originally wanted to.

This past week I’ve been taking notes and looking for resources online to learn on my own. No more bootcamps – I will try “YouTube University”, FreeCodeCamp and get all the available resources that I can. So many people have done it. I know I can to.

That’s the best thing about confidence when it hits. You know you can do it. The struggle I have is discipline, but I’m always trying to better myself. I know I can at least try my best. Here’s to learning in 2022. I would love to write about my experience as I go.

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