Setting up a new NAS – Synology DS220+

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For a while now I’ve wanted to have a dedicated backup device instead of worrying about scripts running on my PC to 2 hard drives and cloud backup. It was a ridiculous setup that wasn’t really easy to keep up to date and I didn’t check on nearly enough. The internal drives of my PC are also pretty slow since they are secondary, and I also want to avoid keeping my PC on all the time. Then came Amazon Prime Day!

I finally took advantage of an Amazon Prime day deal and bought a NAS for home. I decided on the Synology DiskStation DS220+ since it was a great price, compact and can house 2 hard drives with a RAID 1 setup which is perfectly fine for my use case. I seriously doubt that both hard drives would fail on me at the same time – unless of course there was some crazy power outage or short. Also, I do a 3-2-1 backup.

A 3-2-1 strategy means having at least three total copies of your data, two of which are local but on different mediums (read: devices), and at least one copy off-site.

My plan of attack is to do PC/Mac to NAS backup sync, then once a week sync the NAS to an external USB drive. My most important files and photos are in Google’s cloud. Ideally I’d have my second backup in another off-site location completely – but for now at least I’d have 2 different devices.

I decided to do a short Twitch stream setting the NAS up. You can take a look at the VOD below on my YouTube channel. It was great to see you all in chat!

I’ll write another blog post on what software I decided to use to sync, as well as any other plugins I decided to try for this Synology NAS. Thanks for reading!

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