Happy New Year! It's now 2019 and I'd like to work on practicing a few things, but the main one is to have more self reflection.

Last year I had a big down but then many smaller ups. Slowly I got out of my dark cloud and met new people in person and online which helped me heal emotionally, and I started to come back to my true self - someone more positive, outgoing, and creative. I realize how important it was to unplug from social media and be more self aware. I rested more, purged physical items that I owned, went on a much needed vacation to visit a close friend across the world, and now I'm ready to ramp up again. I'm finally learning what it is to balance things in life and take care of myself.

With that, I really hope to blog more, which is always a challenge for someone who's not a writer by trade. I hope to write about the communities that I've joined, virtually and in person, and to share that here on this site as well as NowYouCode. I still want to build a community of tech enthusiasts, developers, advocates, gamers - everyone who I like to work and interact with.

My advice to you this year is to do more self reflection. Take care of yourself mentally and physically when possible. Drink more water, talk a walk when you can instead of the elevator, put down the phone and give yourself pockets of time that you're by yourself even if it's only 5 solid minutes. Encourage a friend or a stranger to do the same and we can help each other strive for those personal goals!

Wishing everyone out there a happy and healthy 2019! 🎉

fireworks in black sky
Photo by Jim Strasma / Unsplash