I’ve been extremely fortunate to find a good crew of people who I love to game with in the last few months or so. I think the mix of having my own time and space along with taking the time to let things happen naturally is the key to finding what I never knew I needed (which is companionship).

I’m really lucky to have found people who are patient with me when I ask questions, don’t make me feel intimidated, and have the same sense of humor that I do (which makes multiple hour long gaming sessions feel like they are 20 minutes!). It’s a major reason why I didn’t really stick to gaming before the last few years – everyone was taking it too seriously, too toxic, or just never stuck around since we didn’t vibe. Just like anything else in life, you’ve got to keep looking around to see who is your crew. In my case I actually stopped looking and let it find me. And somehow it did. You’ve got to love the internet (most of the time).

Thank you to the homies out there who play games with me everyday. It’s made me love live streaming again which helps me find more great people to vibe with. I don’t feel lonely anymore. 💙