Making a Linktree Clone in Angular

I’ve noticed lately that a lot of people on social media are using, which is basically the new homepage trend for social media sites that are primarily viewed on mobile. I wanted to start getting familiar with Angular so figured why not start a new project – create my own Linktree clone using Angular with links to all my social accounts that I want to share!

Here’s the first iteration:

The next things on my to do list are:

  • web accessibility
  • linking up a CSS framework
  • adding more graphics/a prettier layout
  • properly analytics tracking with UTM codes and Google Analytics

I’ll be documenting my learning process as I go. Do you make any projects in Angular? Have any tips for me?

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My First JavaScript Game

Caffeine Zombies by Liz Rodriguez
Caffeine Zombies by Liz Rodriguez

At my coding bootcamp, the first assignment we had to create a game with what we learned with HTML/CSS/Javascript and JQuery. My approach was to put a fun spin on a traditional click and shoot game.

Here’s my code on Github 🎉

“It’s 6am and the local workers need their caffeine fix. You are the local cafe barista and see a horde of caffeine-needing zombies are coming your way. “Shoot” espresso at the zombies before they reach you at the counter to make them happy and earn points. They will gain points if you don’t send them espresso and then leave angry. They need their caffeine!”

Slack Integrations

At my current job we always need to get a particular piece of information daily and post it to a slack channel. It only takes about ten minutes…but why even take ten minutes when it can take less than one? After all, the essence of being a developer is about working efficiently (and with my background in IT systems I’m all about the automation).

I decided to learn how to make a slack integration using incoming webhooks. It was much easier than I thought! I followed the instructions via the Slack docs and created a Github repo in case anyone is interested in doing a simple integration. I decided to use an unofficial QDB api wrapper and make a random quote appear in a channel when hitting a particular route.

Feel free to fork it, play around and see if you can do something fun yourself!