Ever since I started going to global game jams, watching more Twitch streams, joining more gaming discord communities and getting familiar in the game development world, I’ve been wanting to go to more conventions. I went to NY Comic Con last year which was a blast, so this year I decided to go to my first PAX East Convention!

It was amazing and overwhelming in the best ways possible. There were tons of indie games as well as the big players that you expect such as Playstation, Nintendo, and Facebook Gaming/Oculus. I lined up to play Mortal Kombat 11, which I’m looking forward to since I love fighting games, and tried to line up for some Oculus VR demos, but the lines were too long. (It took me 45 minutes to move 2 feet, so I gave up!) I got to chat to a couple of indie game developers, and admire how their passions and talents have led them to make such INCREDIBLE games!

The very best part of PAX for me was traveling with my game dev friend Zach and his friends, as well as meeting up with all the new friends I’ve made in the past few months. Sadly I wish I took more photos, but I was enjoying the moment and don’t regret it! You can see some more pics I posted on my Instagram.

Overall I had an amazing time between scouring the show floor and meeting up with amazing people. Maybe I’ll try to go to another PAX event in the future, but I recommend it if you’re into any type of gaming and want to network with people! Shoutout to the Plus1Player community for being amazing 💚 Check out their podcast and videos for coverage on PAX!