In my spare time I very occasionally play Overwatch on PC, and my favorite character is someone I’d love to be if I was ever a video game character – Sombra (which means “shadow” in Spanish) a stealthy hacker who manipulates those in power. Ok, maybe I don’t want to manipulate anyone or cause terror, but she’s a badass. What I can relate to is that she’s Latina, has a side shave, knows her way around computers and loves LEDs. 😆

This year has been a year of firsts and trying new things, so I decided to dress up as Sombra and go to NYCC, which I’ve only been to once many years ago. I purchased my costume because I didn’t want to dedicate too much time in making the complicated outfit. It turns out it was too small and not “custom made”, which is what I ordered. Not a problem though, I expanded the parts of the jacket that I needed, and turns out it looked alright! I also had to make the headpiece – I only created the two circuit pieces that sit on the side of her head instead of creating the full complicated head dress since it wouldn’t have shown with my hairstyle. A bit of spirit gum and that stayed on all day 👍 For the gloves I didn’t really have time to add the circuitry, so just wore some fingerless leather gloves. Since the bodysuit I had didn’t come with foot socks, I purchased some fun shiny blue sneakers that lit up in various colors. When I was on the show floor I put on the pink LEDs to match the rest of the atheistic. Oddly enough I forgot to take photos with them lit, but I’m sure I’ll wear this costume again.

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Hack the planet! #nycc #sombra #sombracosplay

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Turns out, my cosplay was a hit! I never felt so popular in my life. It was strange but fun. I had tons of people asking for photos, asking for the “boop” pose, and people calling out “Sombra!” and “Hack the planet!”. It was hilarious, but also made me feel like another person. I definitely understand the appeal in dressing up – you get put on a new face for a day and can either be yourself, or be someone else. I’ll definitely do it again! Next time I visit NYCC I’ll be a photographer one day, then cosplay the next, so that I can experience both sides.

A shoutout to Krissy from Plus One Player for meeting up with me and having a blast!