Ever since college, I've wanted to build a community focusing on computers and technology. I purchased my first domain to originally be a tech blog, then a women in linux community. I like being part of a community where I have things in common with my peers, whether it be in programming, gaming, dancing, music or photography. In the past I've created a blog, a forum, a CMS, but none of those worked. I tried, then failed, most likely because I was in college and completing a CS degree wasn't to be taken lightly and took all of my time.

I worked in IT for many years, but now I'm back on the journey to become a software engineer. I've met many wonderful people through General Assembly as well as tech meetups. A few years ago, I was looking to join some local meetup groups and found the DaniWeb tech meetup in Queens. Later that year at that same meetup, I met Tiffany, who is a fellow GA bootcamp alumnus, web developer and designer. We became friends over the year, and recently when I mentioned to her that I wanted to create my own tech community, she was incredibly encouraging and wanted to help and shared my vision.

Finally, I'm ready to create a site and supportive community where anyone can find resources, tips, and encouragement in becoming a web developer. It's geared towards people who have completed a bootcamp, but it can be used by anyone learning to code. I'm incredibly excited to do this finally, and hope you can join me and Tiffany on this ongoing journey. We want to bring a unique perspective on things being women, people of color, having different backgrounds professionally and academically, as well being bootcamp grads ourselves. Come join us over at NowYouCode!