I Love Protonmail

*This is not an ad, I just love this service

The past few years I paid for a Google Gsuite account because of familiarity with Gmail, ease of use and the fact that I could have an email account with my domain attached to it. I loved how nice it looked for personal and professional use, as well as able to use Google Calendar and apps. I already have a personal Gmail account that I’ve had since 2006, but didn’t want to use that one for everything all the time hence the need for a separate email account. (I’m down to 2 main email accounts which is a feat in itself after all these years!)

I knew about Protonmail for a while now, but back when I looked into the “plus” plan there wasn’t much benefit for me since they didn’t have a calendar and email was very simple. I appreciated that they are privacy first with encryption, but to me I needed just a few more features.

That has all changed!

They’ve released so many new features now. Along with their awesome end-to-end encryption and privacy, they now support up to 5 email alias with a custom domain (which I love and can’t get with Gsuite unless I pay a lot more), the ability to work easily with Google Calendar (which is vital for personal calendar events), and have a drive in beta that I can’t wait to try. They always have Proton VPN which I haven’t used but I’m sure is really useful for those that need it (and I’d love to use more when I travel again).

Protonmail features

I’ve been super happy with it so far. You can read about Protonmail’s history on their homepage:

ProtonMail was founded in 2013 by scientists who met at CERN and were drawn together by a shared vision of a more secure and private Internet.

Did I mention they use encryption and are privacy focused? Give them a try if you’re looking for an awesome paid email service. 😁

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