Trying New Things: Video Editing

Quarantine has been a crazy ride of ups and downs for me these past few months. I accept the fact that I’m human and go through all the feelings that we do. I’m currently on an upswing, feeling good, and the creative part of my brain is bugging me to learn something new.

I’ve decided to finally learn how to video edit with HitFilm Express which is something that’s been on my list for quite some time. I’ve been having a lot of fun, even with the growing pains of learning something new. I’ve scheduled a few videos to go out on YouTube in the next coming weeks, so check them out and feel free to send me any feedback.

I’m doing this for fun, and always want to be trying new things. What’s next? Who knows. I’ll ride this wave until the next one comes along. 😊

What have you been working on? Hit me up on Twitter or leave a comment below!

Cyberpunk Livestream Theme for Twitch

I’m loving the graphics package I purchased from Visuals by Impulse for my Twitch channel! It’s called Cyberpunk and is exactly what I’ve been looking for. They include all of the media assets and PSD files so that it can be customized even more. It’s an excellent deal for the price and I couldn’t be happier! See a demo below:

I’ll be using this theme if I get back into streaming on Twitch so stay tuned!

My First JavaScript Game

Caffeine Zombies by Liz Rodriguez
Caffeine Zombies by Liz Rodriguez

At my coding bootcamp, the first assignment we had to create a game with what we learned with HTML/CSS/Javascript and JQuery. My approach was to put a fun spin on a traditional click and shoot game.

Here’s my code on Github 🎉

“It’s 6am and the local workers need their caffeine fix. You are the local cafe barista and see a horde of caffeine-needing zombies are coming your way. “Shoot” espresso at the zombies before they reach you at the counter to make them happy and earn points. They will gain points if you don’t send them espresso and then leave angry. They need their caffeine!”