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Over the last year or so, I've been actively watching game and coding stream on Below are some of my favorite streamers who have awesome, supportive communities in both gaming and tech. Show them some love and check them out on Twitch! 🎮💻


Funny, fuzzy and all around amazing, he streams mainly shooters but switches it up now and again. (Marbles, anyone?) He's very interactive with chat, sassy, and full of fun. He's the first streamer I watched consistently and also encouraged me to become a streamer myself 🖤 Go show him some love!

The Cast Stream Team R.I.P!

These fellas who are made up of BearShare, GoldCast, Arendahl, Gondashima and IBeVance stream weekly together and play Tarkov, Deceit and various other games together. They also do a weekly podcast that memes hard and feature other special guest streamers. Give them a follow and a listen! They are no longer doing a podcast, but stream individually and squad up now and again!


Rascal is a fan of FPS games such as Escape from Tarkov, MW2 and some BR's such as Pubg. Along with being a mice and keyboard junkie, he has a heart of gold and is amazingly supportive. He is currently running a charity campaign for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention so give some support if you can! 💙


She's a front-end developer who works at Microsoft and codes in Javascript. She's a maker, an open source contributor/enthusiast, and extremely interactive on chat!


An amazing, badass woman who's currently balancing school, work and streams platformers, shooters, and everything in between. She builds an awesome supportive community, so give her a follow!


Another awesome developer who codes in Javascript and has a wonderfully supportive community, you can interact with his hardware projects as well.


They are a fabulous group of folks dedicated to celebrating the things that make video games great. They stream a variety of things including MOBAs, FPSs, strategy, and more. They also have an awesome podcast so check them out at!

There are plenty of small streamers who don't have a set schedule, but I try to (re)tweet when they announce going live. I want to make sure I share the love for all the people who build awesome communities around them as I want to do the same for myself. Thank you all for being amazing. ️💚

This page will be frequently updated.