I went to my first developer conference called Codeland and it was amazing!

I've been a huge fan of Codenewbie ever since I discovered it about a year ago. It's a welcoming community for people learning to code all around the world, created by Saron Yitbarek.  If you're new to the web developer world, take part of the weekly Twitter chat every Wednesday! Follow the hashtag #CodeNewbie on Twitter.

Codeland took place at Microsoft's building in New York City at 11 Times Square, which is a great central location. It's a huge building with inspirational words along some of the walls. Upon checking I received a nice swap bag filled with goodies!

I then tried making small talk with a few people - I loved how diverse the crowd was - all ages, races, genders! I immediately felt comfortable with the people I met. They told me their journeys into getting into software development, some just starting, while others have been at it for a few years.

I met Ben Halpern of The Practical Dev, which is another amazing coding community online!

I was going to tack on some pictures to my this post, but McBilly Sy took great ones, so I'll link to his site! Here are photos from Friday and Saturday! I noticed he used a Fuji X-T20 (or X-T10) so kudos fellow Fuji shooter! 👍📷

There were so many amazing talks and a section for workshops. I learned a little bit about MongoDB, which was a great intro and now I can't wait to use it in a project. In our swag bag we received a booklet with all the speakers, full of terms that they used if you weren't familiar with them, and info from the talks and workshops. You can take a look at the Codeland site above.

I can't wait to take part in another conference, and maybe even give a talk at one! Thank you Codenewbies for an amazing community. ❤️