New York Comic Con; My First Cosplay

In my spare time I very occasionally play Overwatch on PC, and my favorite character is someone I’d love to be if I was ever a video game character – Sombra (which means “shadow” in Spanish) a stealthy hacker who manipulates those in power. Ok, maybe I don’t want to manipulate anyone or cause terror, […]


Trying New Things: Game Development

When I did my coding boot camp at General Assembly, the first project we did was to create a game in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I loved writing out the idea for the story, finding and creating small bits of artwork, then writing out the actual code. It was only done in a week and […]


Slack Integrations

At my current job we always need to get a particular piece of information daily and post it to a slack channel. It only takes about ten minutes…but why even take ten minutes when it can take less than one? After all, the essence of being a developer is about working efficiently (and with my […]